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Permanent Makeup Microblading or Nano Hairstrokes

Permanent Makeup Microblading or Nano Hairstrokes

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Eyebrows are the focal point of the face. Anyone who desires fullness or definition to their eyebrows will benefit from semi permanent eyebrows. From a few soft, feather-like strokes to fill sparse areas to total brow recreation, you can have the freedom of not having to use an eyebrow pencil or powder and saving so much time every day!

The most common question is: which style of brow is right for me? If you have oily skin, then unfortunately the powder brow option is best as hairstrokes with the hand tool or the machine don't stay crisp and tend to blur. If you have normal, dry or combo skin then it is partly a personal preference and partly dependent on what kind of brow circumstance you currently have. No hair, sparse hair, over-tweezed coarse hair... all of these variables can affect the end result so we often suggest clients come in for a free consultation prior to getting the service. 

The next most common question is: how do I know if I want microblading or nano brows? The end result can often look extremely similar, but Jennifer almost exclusively uses the machine for hairstrokes as they last much longer and if adding a bit of shading to the brow will look best, it can all be done easily at the same visit and the same time. The machine also works better for those combination or slightly oily skins who want to get the hairstroke look.

Everything is measured and drawn on ahead of time for your approval, prior to proceeding with anything permanent. That way you know ahead of time EXACTLY what your new eyebrows will look like.  Most eyebrow clients say, “this is the best thing I have ever done for myself” and “why did I wait so long to do it”.  

  • Hairstroke/Microbladed Brows: $450 1st visit 
  • Nano Hairstrokes with machine: $550 1st visit
  • Touch-up: $150 (usually 4-6 after 1st visit if needed)
  • Colorburst Brows: $200 (1 visit to refresh faded color) - this cannot always be done on hairstroke brows, it depends on how the color has faded and how much color is left. 
**Please note:  A "colorburst" is a refresher for faded permanent makeup that was done years ago as long as the lines and some color are still visible. If it is completely faded and not visible then prices are same as new clients. A colorburst usually only requires one visit every 3-5 years. 

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