Fat Injection

Fat injections are used as a way to add fullness to specific areas and to camouflage depressed scars or wrinkles.

If you have depressed scars or wrinkles, but do not want an extensive procedure that requires healing time and recovery, fat injections could add fullness without more involved surgery.

Fat cells from the patent’s own body are injected to fill the treatment areas. The results are immediate. Sometimes over-correction is recommended to allow some absorption of the material to achieve the desired result. The results of fat injection can be permanent, but sometimes the procedure needs to be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Surgery and Recovery
The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and patients go home the same day. Recovery time depends on the procedure.

Please schedule a consultation and examination so we can discuss the risks 
and benefits of this procedure and determine if a collagen or fat injection is right for you.

*Please note, any patient considering cosmetic plastic surgery procedures should be in overall good health and currently a non-smoker.