Spider Vein Injection

Spider vein injection reduces the appearance of visible tiny spider-like blood vessels on the skin of the legs. During the surgery, a high concentration saline solution is injected into the small veins, resulting in collapse and diminished visibility.

This procedure does not work well for varicose (raised, rope-like veins) or very fine veins.

Surgery and Recovery
The procedure is performed without anesthetic in the office. There is a stinging sensation with the injections, but this rapidly subsides. The legs are wrapped, and strenuous activity is avoided for 2-3 days, but walking and driving can be resumed immediately. Frequently, multiple treatments are needed to maximize the result.

Please schedule a consultation and examination so we can discuss the risks 
and benefits of this procedure and determine if spider vein surgery is right for you.

*Please note, any patient considering cosmetic plastic surgery procedures should be in overall good health and currently a non-smoker.