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If you’re like many people, you’ve thought long and hard about taking the next step toward improving your appearance and bolstering your self-confidence through plastic or reconstructive surgery.

At Midwest Plastic Surgery, our growing base of satisfied patients is the reason why we’ve gained a reputation for providing the best possible surgical outcomes and patient experiences. We’ve grown over the last decade because our patients have told so many of their friends and family members about our practice.

And why are our patients so satisfied? Because they’ve received the care they were hoping for from our surgeons and staff. Our physicians are highly skilled, experienced and extensively trained. We take the time to understand each and every patient’s lifestyle, hopes and goals for his or her cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure. We’ve learned from experience that getting to know our patients and providing them with all of the information they need to set realistic goals and make an informed decision leads to better results.

We hope you consider our website a good starting place to learn about our skilled and experienced surgeons and the array of procedures we offer. The biographies under our “Physicians” tab provide you with information about our surgeons and their education, training, and certification.

As you explore your options for plastic or reconstructive surgery, we encourage you to call us and set up an informative and relaxed consultation.

While we never promise our patients results we cannot deliver, we think you’ll be excited, and perhaps even surprised, by the remarkable, perhaps life-changing and confidence-building outcome our surgeons can help you achieve.


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